she is love

3 Doors Down'un yeni albümü Time of My Life çıktı. Elbette müptelası olunacak şarkılar çok. Şimdilik favorim şu

She is Love.

she walks through the city
noone recognises her face
they don't want her pity
noone ever mentions her name
she's carried the broken
her scars have no name in her heart
she walks in forgiveness
she'll shine like a light in the dark

she is love (she is love)

she'll always remember
the days when they welcomed her here
they know if they need her
she made a promise to always be here

she is love (she is love)

when they are weak she will always be strong
though they don't know it they are never alone
no matter how many times they may leave
it's never hopeless coz she still believes

she is love (she is love)