Istancool @ 2-4 Temmuz

Güzel bir etkinlik varmış. Istancool. Yeni haberim oldu. Belki ilgilenenler olur diye paylaşayım.


The British cultural diplomacy brand Liberatum and Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency invite you to take part in a riveting artistic journey. A special cultural celebration called Istancool to be held in the fascinating city of Istanbul. Dates: 2-4 July 2010

Istancool promises to be a mesmerising festival of art, design, fashion, literature, film, music and ideas. It will reflect an unique and innovative collaboration bringing together some of the most renowned British, Turkish and other international cultural icons. Istancool aims to stimulate and captivate audiences.

Our vision is to produce a spectacular festival that will feature a diverse, stimulating, high-quality and thought-provoking programme aimed at raising the profile of Istanbul as a forward-thinking world city. One of the festival’s goals is to complement Istanbul’s new position as the 2010 European Capital of Culture whilst creating a dynamic and independent brand that will contribute significantly to the city’s cultural calendar. The festival will further strengthen UK/Turkish cultural relations and aim to promote a positive image of Istanbul in the international media.

Istancool will enhance the reputation of Istanbul as a great cultural city and pay tribute to Turkey’s cultural heritage. It will present an ambitious and original programme which will aim to place Istanbul firmly at the centre of the international cultural scene in 2010. Istanbul continues to evolve and an event such as Istancool will serve to nurture the city’s cultural identity locally and on the world stage.

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